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Monday, 25 June 2007

A Little Thing

Been playing around today with fabric and seeing what I could make using small pieces. I backed this with felt and joined the pieces together with beads but the scan doesn't show it - it's a little thing called AMORE!!! Amore


  1. hey i like it! im not so good at sewing... i just wanted to say i uploaded my pics of a gel medium transfer to my blog...

  2. I really like this Evie.
    Hugs, Alis

  3. Oh, I have been away from blogland too long! Back now and oggling all your recent posts. I am green with envy about the sari fabrics, must have been left over stock from that shop closing down, eh?
    And I am so pleased you succeed with the transfers -those tags look fabulous.
    This piece here is so cute.
    You have been busy - how are the paintings coming on?
    kari x

  4. I love the font! It fits the piece perfect! Melinda

  5. Evie Zaccardelli30 June 2007 at 13:38

    Yes, busy/busy!! I have decided on an existing painting and a new one for the exhibition next month. I just want to change one thing and not sure how it'll look - nothing ventured ....