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Saturday, 27 October 2007

Kitchen Goddess

I have been sewing and my tidy dining room only lasted one day! The table is piled high again but I can find what I want and anything to stop wasting time hunting for things is fine LOL. Although I start out with the same shape they end up so different and honestly they're definitely taking on a personality (grin). This is the first in a goddess theme, so Kitchen Goddess has made an entrance.Kitchen1

I'm fighting a losing battle with fallen leaves. As soon as I sweep them up and bin them, the garden is covered again, and the gusty wind isn't being very helpful LOL.

Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Art doll

I've been wanting to use the bisque doll parts I got on ebay and also get the hang of my dremel. I've made an art doll with a brass drawer pull as the body which I drilled (pleased with that!) and attached the arms and legs. So here is Mimsie - and more to follow as I have loads of bisque arms and legs. These doll parts were dug up in Germany where there used to be a doll factory and are in fantastic condition considering they're about 100 years old. Mimsie

Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Swap Tags

I've made 10 tags for a swap I'm hosting for Art-e-Zine called My Grandmother's Knickers - vintage underwear is fascinating and I enjoyed making these. When the swaps arrive, I'm going to make them into tag books.One Two  We used luggage tags and I sewed vintage images on and did a bit of beading to titivate them. Be interesting to see what the others have made!

Saturday, 13 October 2007


Well, although it irks me to admit - me and technology do not go hand in hand! I had to take pictures of my wee bothies twice because I couldn't find the first ones (and they were on the camera all the time, sigh). So here they are: Ssl20256 Ssl20259the dark one is actually blue and green tartanBig.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Just when I'd set it....

... up, my camera was needing charged. So I'll post pics later. I've been making wee tartan mohair houses (sounds hideous but they're really sweet) and have to take them to a shop tomorrow - wish me luck!! They are called 'Wee Bothies' which is a Scots word for cottage.

Did have some luck today though as I sold some of our Arte-ed-Anima calendars to a well known art gallery bookshop - that put a spring in my step LOL.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

More wooden things

Here are a couple of wooden hangings to add to my collection for the exhibition. They've been sitting on a ledge for ages but I didn't know if they were finished or not - and yet I felt they lacked something. So today I played around with pearl buttons and silk ribbon and now satisfied with them.Canyouhearit Motherchild

Thursday, 4 October 2007

A new doll

I've had a busy week and not had time to post much but wanted to let you see my latest doll - Roxy - her body is made from a painting rag and I rather liked the colours, what do you think? I have another doll almost finished just have to do her arms.

Today I went to Bits and Bobs and it really was my lucky day - I got beautiful pieces of jazzy wool tweed and lots of rubber stamps, and had first pick at bags of remnants just ideal size for making the dolls - great fun!! I always go there with my buggy on wheels (on the bus) because once I came home with very heavy canisters of paint and did my back in for a week!!Roxy