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Sunday, 25 November 2007

OK now it's the mice!!!

Been plagued with the little rotters who had resisted chocolate digestives in the mouse trap, poison which is supposed to be irresistible, and still the blighters were coming to visit in the night. The last straw was when one jumped out from under a chair when I was hoovering (tiny mouse) - I thought they only tried it on at night??? So called a pest control man who found where they were getting in (holes round pipes in boiler cupboard) who put down 'very strong and irresistible' poison, so all was peaceful once more. UNTIL just an hour ago, a large mouse ran up the hall..... I don't believe it!! So will call him back and he'll use the sticky board which he says is inhumane and hates to have to resort to that -- but do I care, NO.

Just finished a collage

Couldn't sleep last night so got up, needed to do something new and trying to lift myself out of the blues, so started drawing an angel and added thisand that to the sketch. Then today, I painted the angel onto canvas and sewed on wings and buttons and a skipping rope. I've listed her on ebay hoping that someone will fall in love with her little face!!Playangel

Friday, 23 November 2007

Pink is my Favourite Crayon

I've been going through some boxes that I haven't opened for some time and found unfinished fabric quiltie things I'd forgotten about. So I worked a bit on this piece and listed it on ebay (if you want a look click on my ebay button bottom left):Pink

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bits and Pieces

I haven't used ebay for almost 2 years and so am giving it a go.  I've listed a couple of art dolls and a couple of fabric assemblages which would make a delightful and original gift (even for yourself LOL). Domgodsm1 Kitgodsm1If you want a look just click on the ebay link further down on the left.Tiledream1 Tilemuse1

Tuesday, 13 November 2007

Eyes and things

I had an apppointment with an eye specialist today and he put yellow drops in my eyes but he didn't tell me that it had stained!! I went round town before coming home looking like a ghoul - pity Halloween is over as I looked the part LOL.

Here are some more art dolls I made for this weekend's Christmas fairSsl20278: Ssl20281 Ssl20284

Wednesday, 7 November 2007

It's driving me nuts!

I've been trying to turn little tubes of fabric to use as legs and arms on my art dolls. The first took me 20 minutes (I kid you not), then I tried to buy a 'loop turner' on the web, US sites don't do international! - then I found one on ebay, seller broke her ankle so waited many many days and it arrived yesterday. Now, I thought, here I go full steam ahead - no! managed to do 2 tubes, and the rest just wouldn't turn. This gadget has a hook that you insert up the tube and then close the latch - BUT sometimes the gremlins are at work and the latch stays closed only till half-way down the tube - I've improvised with a bodkin and thread! So did I really need that gadget, hmmmm. I am now on the lookout for something else to use for the arms. Any ideas, anyone?? I have lots of art dolls nearly finished so will post photos soon.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Been busy

I've finished some more wallhangings for the craft fair and have been labelling my stock. I didn't think I'd made so many things until tonight, so feel more at ease now.

I ordered some sari yarn, a wee bit disappointed with the colours, thought they'd be more vibrant but have also tracked down some elsewhere so next time I'll buy from there. But the sari fibres are beautiful like cobwebs and I'm dying to use them. Will be great for silk paper and/or the embellisher.

Amour Dream2 Wishing

Thursday, 1 November 2007

A couple of new books

I am really excited about these 2 books which came from Amazon yesterday. FREEformations by Jenny Dowde is for knitting and crochet - I can remember years ago admiring those people who could just make things without a pattern, but now I think with this book, I too will be able to do that very thing!! And another advantage here is a list of equivalents between Australia (UK) and USA for knitting needles and crochet hooks and also ditto crochet terms and abbreviations - it's a winner!!

The other book is Bags with paper and stitch by Isobel Hall - she makes incredible bags out of all sorts of paper and paper clay, embellished etc. and you'd swear they were fabric or leather. Directions are given for making loads of different bags.

This sounds like I'm getting paid to critique but I'm just a happy bookworm.Bagswithpaperandstitch Freeformations

Oh dear, forgot the picture...

Veronica art doll Veronica

New Art Doll

Here's a new art doll - Veronica - and although I'm making stock for the craft fair, I've listed this on Etsy to see if she tempts someone, an ideal gift for a birthday or Christmas!!