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Friday, 30 June 2006

Book in a box

I've made a wee book of Florentine watercolour paper, with stamped covers which fits into a wooden box with a metal mesh lid. I painted the box with lumieres in green, blue and black in a tortoiseshell type finish. It's really sweet. You can see it on Etsy too.Box5_1 Box4

Tuesday, 27 June 2006

another crazy quiltie

I've been busy sewing and my dining room once again has been taken over. I had visitors on Saturday so I had to put all my painting mess away so at least it was tidy - but not for long!! My printer was misbehaving and my fabric printing was awful, but I persevered and got it right and went to bed very very late - but I slept like a top because I felt that I'd won LOL. Hisface Here's the quiltie, it reads "He laid his face against her skin" = it's on Etsy.

Monday, 26 June 2006

Tale of woe

I've lost all my favourites since changing ISP so now have to find them at snail's pace. So apologies to all my regulars for not keeping intouch. Hope it will soon be fixed.

Sunday, 25 June 2006

New Painting

I've had this painting for a while and was unsure whether to offer it for sale. I felt that it was a cruciform but it might stir up sadness. So I called it 'Obscurity' - full of hidden meaning. It's on Etsy (it's a bit dark, the background is white in reality) and here it is:P1010057

Monday, 19 June 2006

Little Mermaid

I've felt like doing something different so was playing around with new rubber stamps and 'stuff' and the 'Little Mermaid' appeared LOL. I've listed it on ETSY and here she is ...Lastmermaid fibres, polymer clay, etc.

Saturday, 17 June 2006

hello again

Just home after visiting my mother for a few days - we had such a good time, champers to celebrate a recent windfall, cooking, bus trip to a little jewel of a town (Auchterarder) where my mother did a bit of shopping (shoes, tops etc.) not bad for a 91 year old! But I missed my art - I've finished my entry for the 'Computer Punch Card' exhibition Punchcardart - it's a paper bag waxed and sewn onto felt, paints, stamps and buttons added. It isn't at all what I'd decided to do - isn't it strange how these things start to have a life totally of their own!

Friday, 9 June 2006

sorry folks

This time, I hope the link will work etsy. I don't blame anyone for giving up on this LOL.

So it was wrong!

The link for etsy should be:

could someone ..

please check my etsy link as I have doubts that it's correct, and let me know. Thanks......


I've been working on a collage which has been almost finished for days, and at last is ready. Some of my new rubber stamps feature birds, eggs, feathers, wings etc. and seemed just right, I'm pleased with the final results. Birdie I'm on my way to list it at Etsy.

Sunday, 4 June 2006

Saturday Outing

I went to the annual International Art Stamp Fair in Edinburgh - met some arty friends - and SHOPPED a lot. There are some lovely stamps by a fairly new US co. '' and I just couldn't resist - lots of cutting rubber awaits.

I am still on a high from yesterday, feeling great!!

Finished a couple of crazy quilties and will put them for sale on Etsy to see how it goes. It's different from Ebay as there's no auction - if you like it, and the price is right, you buy. I've asked them for some info and as soon as I've got it set up, I'll post them here too.