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Wednesday, 28 February 2007

A great day

I had a truly wonderful day today. I got books, CDs, Word 2007, and even in a charity shop found a book (Photography by Henri Cartier-Bresson "A propos de Paris") I'd tried to get from Amazon but they sent me the calendar twice and I cancelled the order. Woopey-doo. The CDs are 'Pre-Raphaelite Passion' which is one of my favourite eras, and 'Edwardian Theater & Silent Film Actresses' - love them too. If anyone's interested they're from:, I've ordered from them before, their range of art CDs is really seductive.

And I'll sign off with a quote from one of my 'finds' today = No one ever discovered anything new by coloring inside the lines = Thomas Vasquez.

Tuesday, 20 February 2007

Getting things done

It must be Spring in the air, but I've been attending to lots of irritating things on my list that I kept putting off. Apart from that, the sunshine is lovely but my goodness does it show up the dirty windows!! But I'm leaving that for another day LOL.

I've been making something to enter into a competition and so I can't post it yet. If I get through the door, I'll show and tell. Very exciting stuff.....

I got my Melting Pot months ago and apart from melting wax in it, I haven't really tried it out. But I've been experimenting and the simplest things like dipping the edges of black paper into UTEE and then adding more paper and fibres are quite lovely.

Sunday, 11 February 2007

Today's chunky book page

Here's my February chunky book page for a swap - the suggested theme was 'white', and believe it or not, this started off white with layers of different papers and gesso. Then I did something I didn't like with black ink and it wasn't permanent so the fresh gesso just went a blue-grey colour. And I actually like it better now. What I should have done is a 'before' and 'after' version....February

Friday, 9 February 2007

ATCs for swapping

These ATCs are based on techniques in Bernie Berlin's new book 'Artist Trading Card Workshop'  which is a must-have IMHO. They are going to a swap on "arttechniques" yahoo group. My favourite technique is the gesso and magazine one and 3 of my ATCs are on that, the multi-coloured one is inky layers, the clown is tissue paper, and the lady with the veil is of course fabric.

The yahoo group 'mom' owner is Belinda Spiwak and she is going to send one ATC from each of the participants to Somerset Studio for their Melange. I'm not sure which to choose -- could you please tell me which one is your favourite -- thanks everyone!!!Gessomagazine1 Gessomagazine2 Gessomagazine3 Inkylayers Tissue Fabric