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Monday, 11 June 2007


When I first read about embellishers, I thought NO - I'm not getting anything else and I'll probably not use it enough to justify the cost. Then I saw one working at a friend's house and I thought YES - and so I got a Pfaff today. I haven't even got it out of the box yet, I'm savouring the moment. And the shop owner gave me a DVD and two packs (that's 20 balls) of fancy fibres with lurex thread to use with whatever else I embellish. I've got loads of bits and pieces that I knew would come in handy one day. I'm going now to make dinner and then try it out. Maybe some pics tomorrow!!


  1. Evie, I you don't already know about it, check out this lady's blog. Scroll down to pillow tutorial where she makes great use of commercially printed fabric as a base on which to embellish. Have fun playng!

  2. Sally, what a marvel she is, I didn't know you could achieve such beautiful textile art on an embellisher!! Thanks for the link, am going to add it to my favs. Evie x