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Saturday, 16 June 2007

Don't know what happened

My post from a couple of days ago has vanished! Inexplicable!!! So here it is again - a wee fabric art hangingLittlesweeties Little Sweeties - the colours didn't scan well it all looks faded, those fibres at the top are a pale apple green.

I used the embellisher yesterday and have made some book covers but not sure what to put in them - fabric or paper pages? Let me know what you think! Here they are fully opened out. Can't get the scanner to pick up the colours correctly, and the grungy look with bits hanging off - you'll have to take my word for it LOL.1 2 4


  1. Love the "Little Sweeties! and the book covers are great.
    Do you like your embellisher?
    I have a Clover needle felting tool and love it but wonder whether to save for a machine.

  2. Hey Evie
    I love the wee sweeties is so sweet..
    As for your book covers I would put paper in them, I haven't done just the covers before only altered journals with the pages already in.

  3. Alis, I am so enthusiastic about the embellisher and it's quick and no tired arm!! I haven't actually tried the manual needles but did read that you need a lot of muscle power. Yes, start saving today LOL!! Evie x

  4. dianne, I think you're right about the paper pages as these are destined for sale, and most people would use paper pages and not fabric!! Thanks, Evie x

  5. Your "Little Sweeties" wall hanging is just ADORABLE! I LOVE it!
    Not sure I'm familiar with an embellisher. What is it, and what does it do?

  6. found your store from an older ajmarketing post; lovely work you have here.

  7. Kathy, an embellisher is the size of a sewing machine but has a circle of barbed needles (with protector) that don't use thread but mush things together - it's like felting but much better. You can use whatever you like, the only thing is you mustn't use hard fabrics or knotty bits. Evie xx

  8. I think they scream for fabric pages, but I am a fabric nut...whatever you put in them, they are beautiful and it looks like you are having a blast with your embellisher! Melinda