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Sunday, 24 June 2007

Image Transfers

I've been trying to do image transfers for so long that I can't even remember. I've tried everything, believe me, and the results were horrible!! I'd given up.... until my dear friend Linda  gave me a few tips and guided me and here are the first few tagsUntitled1_copy_2 - I still have to refine the technique but it's looking hopeful!!!Untitled1_copy_3 Untitled1_copy_4 Untitled1_copy Untitled1


  1. Those transfers are great!! I've had problems with transfers, too...

  2. i just did my first one today.. with gel medium! the first one i didnt wait long enough for it to dry but the second one came out ok... i havent posted it yet..
    but yours look great

  3. Evie Zaccardelli25 June 2007 at 20:51

    Hi Sheri and Randi, Let me know when you post your transfers, I'd like to see!