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Sunday, 28 May 2006

Some ATCs

My friend Lynne hosted an ATC swap and made a sweet holder, that's where I first saw it. Then some time after my friend Sue sent me instructions how to make the little holder.

Getting to the point now LOL, I've made a holder with 4 ATCs to fit into it. I'm going to put them on ebay later on, but here they are:Ebay3 Ebay3holder


  1. wow now the holder is awesome and those ATC's are just fabulous!!! lucky person that wins this auction!!! you out did yourself!!! way to go!!!!

  2. Hi---I always read your blog and I just love your art(even thought I don't comment very often)!!! The ATC's & holder are fabulous---might just be the thing to break my creative slump. Would you please share directions for the holder and some technique info on the ATC's?? I promise to send you one of my completed projects and give you credit on my blog (which has not been active since April and needs to come to life again). You have inspired me!!

  3. BreadandCircuses2 June 2006 at 17:54

    Ok Kari, will bring a sample to the stamp show for you.