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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

More cabinbet cards

I've altered some more cabinet cards, and re-worked a couple from before. MeadowYou'll notice they're all blue backgrounds -  that's the dollop of lumiere!! They're on ebay - showing off now LOL - just click theNumberchruncher Admitthought Restrictedview_1link!!!! But I'm not so clever as I had to delete the other links I had as I couldn't make them clickable.  If anyone would like to enlighten me please email me -- thanks.  Darlingson Found


  1. Ooh, these are lovely, bet they are good in real life too!
    I am curious, did you solve your paintings in your previous posts?
    Kari x

  2. breadandcircuses18 May 2006 at 10:00

    Kari, not sure how to go about painting shadows because I've nothing to go on - the skirt and shoes just 'happened'. And I've binned the watercolour - it's not worth any more time! This wouldn't be a problem for you, I know, but I'm self-taught LOL.

  3. Oh My LORDIE!!!! these just rock!! awesome!! sorry haven't been by in a while just a bit nuts here as you well know!!! soon will be over hubby and I hope! thinking of you always!!! and your art work is soooooooooooooo fabulous I love how things have been changing!!! very very nice!!!!! hugs to you!

  4. OMG, Evie....I just found your Blog after your last message to me on Arte-Ed-Anima. I'm going to add you to my Blog links.
    I wish that I had seen these Cabinet Cards earlier!!! Drats!! They're INCREDIBLE!!! I would have definitely bid on these babies! Hope you got a good price for them.
    By the way...your picture is adorable!!