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Sunday, 7 May 2006


I've not been doing anything 'arty' whilst my mother has been, she went home today. The first thing I did (apart from loading the washing machine) was to turn out my wardrobe and be really ruthless and so filled a few bags for the charity shop. Then I mooched around and couldn't settle to do anything constructive. (There's another wardrobe to do, but that'll have to wait LOL).

I have decided that I NEED to paint something big - so I'm going to start on a large canvas tomorrow -  my dining room will once more become my "studio" and I have screens to hide the mess I'll make. I have a few more of my paintings to post but haven't taken photos yet. And I have to find out how to add banners here.

But one thing I did today was some digital work with new brushes and I'm happy that what I wanted to do came out right. There's a great tutorial on 'Inspire Me Thursday' for this.

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