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Sunday, 28 May 2006

I've been tagged

My good friend, Sue, has tagged me, so here goes:

5 items in my fridge: milk, Rocket salad, poussin (to be cooked for tomorrow's lunch), gorgonzola, dried apricots and figs

5 items in my wardrobe/closet: shoes, winter duvet, sun hats (I know, this is Scotland, but you have to be ready LOL), tops and bottoms, empty hangers waiting for fulfilment heehee.

5 items in my bag/purse: notebook, pen, wallet, lip salve, polo mints (how boring is that?)

5 items in my car: don't have one (it's a long story - and NO I haven't been done for driving under the influence)

5 people I'm tagging: Kari, Maz, Lynne, Sally, Kim - now it's your turn girls.

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