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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Moment of Hesitation

I had a painting ready to go to the framers tomorrow but, looking at it today, I wasn't sure that it was finished. So I changed something and now I'm happy with it and it has been given the final sealer. I'll take a photo tomorrow in daylight.

I can hear something outside and at first thought it was someone calling - but it repeats at regular intervals and I've just realized that it's an owl hooting -- quite spooky actually!!


  1. I love those sounds. Each species of owl sounds different, doesn't it? What time of the day did you hear it?
    Sue xx

  2. Sue, it was about 10.30p.m. but not the typical toowit-toowoo (if that's how you spell it LOL). It was a lonely call, hope it was answered!