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Thursday, 16 December 2010

Little Birdhouse

I've been making a fabric birdhouse with some lovely American fabrics which I bought at the quilt show - spots and old roses. I'll take some photos tomorrow as it's dark now. Getting the perches inserted into the wadding wasn't easy, I tried using eyelets to support them but it didn't work - there must be another way to do it....

Fresh snowfall is forecast for tonight - hope it's not as bad this time.

Got the Xmas decorations up - seem to want less each year but always want more lights! I'm going to keep some of the lights up all year round, it makes the house look so magical!!


  1. I look forward to seeing them.
    Sue xx

  2. That's a great idea haven't seen any fabric birdhouses in my travels.
    Jeanie x

  3. Dear Evie
    I was hoping to see your birdhouses today, but I guess you were unable to photgraph them.
    Thank you for the wonderful compliment about my writing.I am always writing bits and bobs but nothing of any great note. I love the written word and love the way some novelists put their ideas down on paper. It is a truly admirable art, but I doubt I have sufficient talent to be published.
    Best wishes
    Sue xxx