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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Here's the birdhouse

Well, I've been taken up with other things and have stupidly got a hamstring injury! And I did the same thing again 2 days ago, so limping at the moment. I look like a 'real' granny hehe!!

 And the snow is back so I'm marooned once more.

But finally I got the birdhouse photos done, you can see how hard the perches are to stay straight!!


  1. They are really sweet! The floral and spotty fabrics are perfect partners.
    I have an aversion to 'straight' so I would be very happy with wonky perches. They look just fine, not at all wonky. I can't do anything that needs straight lines...hence my blog name.

    We are also hemmed in with snow...I can empathise. Sorry you are limping...take more care.
    Have a lovely up-coming week!!!
    Sue xx

  2. The birds will need a bigger hole to get in the birdhouse. *laugh*

  3. Looking at it again, I agree - for teensy weensy birds only LOL.