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Sunday, 14 November 2010

Sunday Lunch

Just got home after a lovely lunch at my daughter's - spaghetti, meat balls, banana loaf and chocolate cake with deep frosting - very yummy!! My appetite is slowly picking up but as yet no inclination for a glass of wine - how strange for me!!

Had a lovely chat with three of my grandchildren - boyfriends, wedding next year (eek I could be a great grandmother in two years' time), old photos are always good for a laugh, there's nothing so dating as hairdos! I'm always being accused of cutting my daughters' hair myself but I promise I only ever did their fringes. But it would appear that maybe I wasn't the only one!!!


  1. I'd love to see some of those photos - you are so right about their hair:)
    A great grandmother? Very hard to believe.
    Good luck with opening your Etsy site - I look forward to stopping by!

  2. Patti, we should organize a bad-hair-day contest!!

    I've a lot to do for my re-opening - mainly taking some good photos - I'm hoping to get my manual for PSE 9 today so that'll help I hope!