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Saturday, 6 November 2010

Phones are a nightmare

My house phones are driving me mad - intermittent beeping whilst in use, going dead and then a second later on again, they're destined for the bin!!

DD2 is out now with a shopping list which includes 'phones'. I don't know why I always get the troublesome gadgets - or is it more common than I think??

I have to tell you something really funny - when I changed to blogspot, I chose a new name but 'Savoir Faire' wasn't available. Neither was 'Savoir Faire Toute'. So I thought I'd be quirky and made it 'Flaire' -- some kind soul who IS French gave me the translation:

savoir = to know
flaire=to smell
toute = all

Might as well laugh 'cos I can't change it now hehe!!!

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