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Wednesday, 11 August 2010

How could I resist?

I was all set to finish painting today when my daughter Angela phoned to see if I wanted to go to Ikea. Hah! As if I could resist that!

But all I bought were paper napkins and wine glasses - but Angela was worse than me, she bought batteries!! I would have taken an orchid but they didn't have the colour I wanted.


  1. I love Ikea!! i wouldn't have been able to resist either :) x

  2. well first it is so nice to meet up with you in cyberspace! and congrats on being on the COVER of sew!! I have been published about 16 times and that is still my goal!!! loved your piece btw! ok so now we are both following each other!! will I see you in the next issue?? cateria

  3. Laura, I know!

    Caterina, I'm trying to come up with something different but it's hard when there are so many talented artists around doing cutting edge stuff (pun not intended LOL). Speak to you soon! Have a lovely weekend.