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Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Blue Furniture

Here's my table that I painted with a white undercoat and two coats of duck egg blue. I'm not going to put everything back on it because I need a kind of minimalist effect.

Now the next piece is an antique dresser and I can't wait till my room is transformed with paint. I also have a beautiful fireplace with a georgian wood surround which will also be painted. I remember a friend of mine being aghast at me wanting to paint it, like it was sacrilege. But I'm going to do it because it makes me happy.


  1. Hi Evie!
    Are you available ?
    What a busy lady you are - lovely colour
    more power to your elbow

  2. hi:
    glad to follow you - again!
    I agree, I've been with blogspot since I started blogging and haven't really had any issues.
    love what you're doing, I wish I had a couple of pieces of that furniture...

  3. lovely new look!! maybe I need to consider a switch again! started with blogspot and hated it because there was no help available and you know how computer unsavvy I am!! have fun dear!! signed as a follower but wouldn't let me put in an image??!! so I am the blank head!!! hehehe! that fits for sure! xoxo Linda (FGM)

  4. Hi Girls,

    Thanks for following! I haven't got round to listing my fav links yet - and I'm having trouble with statcounter and google analytics - I think I'll get back to painting things blue LOL.Doing the mantlepiece today!

    Great to 'see' you all again!

  5. Dear FGM Linda,

    Forgot to say how much easier everything is with blogspot, probably because it's a google enterprise. And I do believe you're a whiz at blogs and internet in general. I remember how you helped me when I first started typepad and earned you the Fairy Godmother status haha!