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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Course Work in Stitched Textiles

I've finally got my pictures ready and will post them a few every day giving a little information on how I made them.Flowerheads1 I have so many supplies to put away that I'm wondering where it all came from to begin with LOL.

I transferred to cotton using a string pattern on a home made block then I added some chunky wool and handstitched black fabric stems (measures 10x11").

Flutterbye1 I dyed cheesecloth with some leftover dye and soaked it whilst still folded. Then I laid over some sheer fabric and stitched over the pattern adding knitting yarn, bits from a vintage cloth, and some 'blingy' shreds in silver (measures 13x10").

Lanterns1 This piece is rubbed Markal paint stick over a plastic grid, then stitched zigzag over string and hand embroidery. I sewed some French knots here and there but I got just as good results making dots with a fabric crayon. (Measures 14x7").

That's it for today, will post some more tomorrow.

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