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Tuesday, 4 December 2007

I'm back!!

I have been through a nightmarish few days following the death of my laptop - bought a new one, Windows Vista (OMG did I really need this) - wireless (but it wouldn't connect to the internet) - DD1 has now been elevated to saint status ferrying me back and forth to the PC shop and she spent 4 hours yesterday to no avail, but had a brainwave today and now I have 'wireless'. She just saved me £70 as I had asked for a technician to come to the house to resolve this. Hoorah!!!!! Honestly, I'm very aware of how much time I spend on the internet and not having it these last few days, freed me up to do loads of other pending things. I've been experimenting with bondaweb and paint, crayons, metallics etc. on rough handmade paper.

I did sell something on ebay so maybe I should persevere - but with Christmas very near now I think it'll have to wait till January.

More later ..........


  1. Nice to have you back Evie. I was without my lappy for ONE day and that was torture so you have my sympathies. Very envious of your new wireless status!

  2. Sally, I hope you see this as I tried to email you but my new system wants info I just can't find (groan) - I'll try again later.