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Monday, 23 July 2007


I bought this lovely wooden box with dovetailed joints at a church sale a couple of months ago. It is double sided and it has 315 slides in it of Israel and the Holy Land, all named and numbered. I'd really like to use the slides for artwork and will have to give it some thought as to how best to do that. I suppose I could cut out the negative and use them as frames, or maybe there's something amazing waiting to be discovered LOL. Any ideas out there??20070723slidesbox001 20070723slidesbox005


  1. Oh yes Evie, there is something raattling about at the back of my head that I can't quite access. I do remember someone who used to project them onto a large canvass and use them as a starting point for paintings. Or you could stitch them into 'lightcatchers', you know, things designed to be hung in to the window? Like the good old fashioned was of looking at slides

  2. Evie Zaccardelli24 July 2007 at 11:25

    Sally, oh these are superb ideas!!

  3. i have a million slides that i got from my grandparents. what you can do if they are the cardboard ones like i have is carefully pull them open... like a card, and the picture comes out ... then you have two "frames" to use!

  4. Evie Zaccardelli25 July 2007 at 15:53

    Thanks, Sheri, that's another use I hadn't thought of!!

  5. That was an amazing find. I bet those slides are beautiful.I love your site, it's so interesting! Nita

  6. Wonder if they would photocopy onto acetate, tissue or (is it) clear vellum paper? They may then be able to be printed onto fabric??????
    The subject matter sounds wonderful, my head filled with images of the Holy Land right away........not that Im religeous but its such a significant subject and area you know. Lyn in East Yorkshire