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Monday, 30 July 2007

Putting a brave face on!

Today I saw the organizer of the art exhibition and she showed me the art quilts - they are ruined. To make matters worse, she said that the rules state that they are not responsible for any damage, in other words, NADA NIENTE NO compensation. When I feel like it I can remove the images and words and stitch on new ones - but that won't be for a long time!!

When I saw the artwork for sale on that fateful evening, I felt like my paintings didn't belong there and had already decided not to renew my sub for the coming year. The ruined art quilts just fuelled that - so I resigned. I'm licking my wounds quietly today, but tomorrow is a new day (isn't that what Scarlet O'Hara said...)?


  1. If your artwork, did not belong, it was because it was better than the others. You have alot of talent, don't shortchange yourself. Nita

  2. No wonder you are out of there Evie. How totally unprofessional of them. You are danged right you don't belong there. You are in a whole other league.

  3. So very sorry Evie.
    Well hard as it is you are better off out of there.
    You will get round to remaking them I am sure and they will be better than ever.