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Sunday, 29 July 2007

Have to say ...

... how much I appreciate your comments on the blog, I don't always have time to reply individually, but wanted to let you know how they warm the cockles of my heart.

Some of my art quilts were entered in an exhibition and preview night was Friday. Well, just to top off a dreadful week, someone spilled wine over most of them, she said she'd been jostled in the crowd! They had captions printed on fabric and they all ran. That was my Epson printer which I no longer have, didn't know the ink wasn't fast - I'm seeing the organizer tomorrow to find out what they propose. I suppose they have insurance, hope so!! Aaargh!!


  1. Oh Evie,
    that is so horrible.
    I'm so sorry that happened to you.
    I hope they can compensate you in some way.
    Hugs, Alis

  2. I'm so sorry that happened to your quilts! I hope your week is better. Warm Regards, Nita

  3. Goodness me Evie! There must be a load of good luck in the pipeline for you! Make sure you get that insurance. The stupid woman was lucky she wasn't in a shop with a 'you break it, your buy it' policy in which case she would have been taking your ruined artwork home with her. How idiotic to take wine anywhere near your artwork. Organisers should have forseen this posibility. You tell 'em like it is!

  4. Dont they say white wine removes red wine?
    After a grieving process (sic) maybe you could incorpoarte the 'design' and rework it?
    I have come across this no insurance iussue before when our club has put on exhibitions of minaitures work for fund raising. Its our own responsibility if we show outside our home. Dippy mare shouldnt have been allowed to take wine near exhibits. So sorry for you, hope you can turn it round by taking it as challenge in time. Lyn East Yorkshire

  5. Lyn, I knew right away that you are a Brit saying 'dippy mare' haha!! The wine was actually white but all the printer inks ran into an awful mess! I tried the white wine on top of red on a tablecloth then added salt - of course it didn't work - took it to the dry cleaner and they asked me why I hadn't chucked in a bit of vinegar and oil and made a salad out of it!