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Monday, 9 July 2007

New Books

I love it when new books arrive by post - all the anticipation - cup of coffee at the ready - and open the parcel! I have to say that I was so let down by '1000 Artist Trading Cards' by Patricia bolton (Cloth Paper Scissors fame) - the cards in this book are very amateurish and even if I was a rank beginner, they wouldn't have inspired me to give it a go. So it's parcelled up and going back to Amazon tomorrow.

But the other two books are great *Where Women Create: Inspiring Work Spaces of Extraordinary Women* and *The Altered Object: Techniques, Projects, Inspiration* - I'm very pleased I bought them.


  1. I love books so much that anything like that feels like a slap in the face. Yup, straight back - you can buy another then ;0)

  2. Evie Zaccardelli10 July 2007 at 23:05

    Alis, my sentiments exactly!! Have already had a look-see on Amazon hehe!!

  3. Oh I love Where Women Create and I have so loved going back to it over and over and being inspired to do something with even my poor little studio space.

  4. Evie Zaccardelli11 July 2007 at 20:23

    My art room is small (even bijoux LOL) but I intuitively know that I could make better use of the space, maybe we should form a group and help each other with that!! Whaddaya think??
    Evie x

  5. I love those two books! I got them for my birthday this year (got them for myself, that is) and was just thrilled. "Where Women Create" is so inspiring! My art room is so small it's non-existant (because some people would insist on calling it the dining room table!). There's a plan in the works, though, to install a wall-size cupboard to hold all my supplies - keep your fingers crossed for me!
    Thanks for the heads up about 1000 Artist Trading Cards. I had been considering picking it up and I'm terrible at returning things by mail so I would have been stuck with it!

  6. what a piece of luck happening upon your blog - I've been considering buying that very ATC book and now I shan't!! Thankyou - this is exactly the sort of thing that would depress me all day - I wait with bated breath when I am getting books and a duff one disappoints out of all proportion to its importance.The other two you mention may well find themselves in my workroom!!

  7. Evie Zaccardelli13 July 2007 at 20:12

    I'm so pleased that my rant didn't fall on deaf ears LOL!! I read a negative comment on a very well known artist's book which I had pre-ordered and I cancelled. These books which just show what can be achieved without a shred of information as to 'how-to' are a pain in the proverbial. Right, I'll get down off the soap box now hehe!!