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Saturday, 17 March 2007

What do you think?

I found a beautiful book at TK Maxx (those of you in the UK will know this shop no doubt) with the most stunning photography and vibrant colours. I had started a new painting and needed something to put in the foreground, and found the perfect budgie in the book. This painting is far from finished but just wanted to ask what you think I could add to the expanse of water. I think the arches should be longer but didn't want to reduce the feeling of distance. In a quandary.... Bookcover_2 Birds Unfinishedplus


  1. Aw, the budgie is lovely - I'd just suggest more vertical rivulets to emphasise the length of the waterfall.
    And your 4 x 4 is such fun, LOL!
    Now, you have got me addicted, you aren't going to bail on me now are you??
    As for the band-aid tins, I am very tempted (cept where do you get them?)
    Hugs, Kari x

  2. Thanks Girls, yes I seem to be in a 'burdie' phase LOL.
    Kari, I bought 2 bandaid tins so you can have one of them. I'll have to check how much they were.
    And NO, not bailing out {yet}!!!
    Evie xx