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Saturday, 10 March 2007

Saatchi showdown

I've entered this painting into the Saatchi Gallery's Showdown for the week 19-26  March. the painting with the most votes wins £1,000 and runner-up gets £750. I'm not twisting any arms here but if you feel like it - vote foStilllifecopyrightr mine!!!! See here to vote: (this round starts on 19 March and paintings are displayed then) can't remember if I called this 'still life' or 'vase with flowers' - the name is ZACCARDELLI - thanks folks!!!


  1. Evie
    Couldn't find your name when I went to vote for you!

  2. Sally, the round I'm in starts on 19 March so the painting won't show up till then. Thanks for looking and hope you'll vote then.
    Evie xx