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Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Art group and chunky page

I've joined an art group and last month we had a demo 'flowers in acrylic' - I'm not sure if I mentioned it before but this artist used a house painter's brush and did huge sweeps of colour - wonderfully liberating - so tonight they're doing watercolours - my favourite artist is Shirley Trevena -- I wanna paint like her!!!!!

Here's today's 4x4" - it's got a bit of everything on it: tissue, stencils, vintage image, pencils and more!Untitled11 The background is quite strong and was wondering what to use as a focal point - hope I chose the right thing...


  1. I LOVE THIS ONE!!! You did a great job with it! You're making wanna do 4 x 4's I got enough on my plate!

  2. oooh, perfect - I love Shirley Trevena too - her work is super!
    Kari x