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Sunday, 4 March 2007


When I first saw Inchies on a few sites, I thought they were amazing but too fiddly for me to make. But I then had a change of heart and joined a swap. I enjoyed making them but have to say that the lines of text were really difficult for me - teeny pieces of paper - I even used tweezers LOL. But they turned out fine and now I need to make some for me to keep!!Marchswap


  1. these are wonderful, arent they so lovely to make once you start, Jxx

  2. They look great! You're a better woman than I as i could never work that small! lol
    Kudos to you!

  3. They are lovely - be careful, they are surprisingly addictive once you get over the initial shock over the size!
    Kari x

  4. Love your inchies. That's my next project--and I've never made anything that small before. I'm a little intimidated.

  5. They do test your patience a bit but so lovely once they're made and it's all worth it!!