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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Static Motion art

I just finished this piece yesterday and it was trouble!! I can't remember how many times it changed direction.

In frustration, I went and did some housework that I'd been ignoring for a while and then went back to the painting.

And this lovely disorganized picture appeared - Static Motion! I love outsider art!  Bread and Circuses


  1. I like it too. It's there; yet it's not there and it's open to interpretation. I really love the turquoise with the mustardy yellow.
    I have not heard of outsider art. Must look it up!
    ( What I have said may sound strange, but it's what first came into my head and is totally comlimentary.)
    Lovely piece, Evie!

  2. Sue, I love your use of language, it's so true! Did you google 'outsider art' yet??

  3. Yes I dd Evie. Do you know,I almost believe that we should all do what comes into our head and not be guided by experts. Raw, untutored art is true and honest and says how we felt at a snapshot moment. Perhaps too many art lessons stiffles originality.
    Thanks for bringing this to my notice; it's fascinating!
    Sue xx

  4. Thats the spirit, Sue!! Look forward to seeing your creations soon!
    Evie x