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Sunday, 29 May 2011

Rare Georgian Doll 1916-1922

I love dolls, the older and tattered the better, and have quite a collection. But I think it's time to make space for other things and so here's the first on sale.

This doll is almost 100 years old and has obviously been loved and played with. It is in excellent original condition with only a few rust marks on the body - the bisque parts are perfect. 

The markings on the back of the shoulder plate are DPC 33. This was the trade mark of the Doll Pottery Co. which traded from 1916-1922 in England during the reign of King George V. With the ban on imports of German toys in the 1914-18 War period, English companies produced dolls for the home market. This doll is one of the rare toys produced during such a limited period.

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