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Thursday, 20 January 2011

Vintage Finds

 I found some lovely vintage pieces at a market on Sunday -

 a glass paperweight with an old creased photo in it.

 tiny crystal perfume bottle with a tarnished silver top.

 small aothecary bottle - got seven of these

 tooth-ache balsam from a long gone dispensing chemist in Edinburgh

 this belt fastener is really beautiful - would make a lovely necklace
the brooch in the middle is silver

 beautiful amethyst and marcasite brooch - I'll wear this!

 these picture frames are brass and probably repro, but I liked them
this one has no back but I think it'd make a nice frame for a textile piece


  1. OMG...they are all to die for! You are so lucky to have found them. Was it one of those Antiques Markets that I have heard about from Kirstie Allsopp on TV?

    You could make amazing art with the things you are not going to wear!!
    Sue xx

  2. Hi Evie,
    Ohhh, I agree with Susan - your treasures are just gorgeous! Enjoy!
    Have a great day.

  3. Sue, it was a glorified car boot sale!! There was a lot of sheer rubbish but a bit of browsing revealed some lovely things. My friend found a beautiful vintage quilt, pretty enough as a wallhanging, with bits of faded velvet and silk - but she wasn't sure and when she went back - it had gone!! You have to be quick!

  4. How lucky for you; not so lucky for your friend. Hesitate and you are lost. I must say velvet and silk... sounds gorgeous. You could make something!!! ....has that not got you thinking and inspired..I bet it has!!!
    Sue x

  5. You're so right, Sue - but I'd have to knock the stuffing out of it to give it the faded vintage look, that'd be fun to do!!
    Evie x

  6. Nothing makes me more thrilled than a good find:-)
    You did really great shopping, Evie. I wish I could be with you to hunt the treasures.

  7. Marie - it turned out to be a lucky trip!

  8. Gaby - it'd be just great to go on a treasure hunt with you!! Have a lovely Sunday!
    Evie xx