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Sunday, 16 January 2011

how's about a bit of grunge?

I must admit to liking a rather messy approach to art, and this piece was great fun to make - sploshing paint and ink around! And I love how serious the little girl is. The bone piece at the top was salvaged from a broken bracelet!

It's now on Wee Art Things


  1. I love everything about this, Evie.

    It is the kind of art I wish I could make.

    The face is so sad I want to reach in and put my arm around her...or maybe it she is just having a thoughtful moment, in which case I could just give her a friendly wave.

    Those little tags make me think she may be a wartime evacuee. You are so clever.

    Hope you don't mind my silly ramblings...but this kind of art speaks volumes.

    Best wishes
    Sue xx

  2. Sue, I don't for a minute think you are rambling - it pleases me that so much sentiment resulted from this piece.
    Thank you,
    Evie x

  3. love the tinsy tags and texture!