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Saturday, 8 January 2011

A Hint of Summer to Come - BEACH HUTS

I really treated myself to a new camera which also makes movies. Oh what bliss - at the touch of a button I'm a movie-maker! But the best thing about it is that it takes very good photos and I hope that it'll show when I update my online pictures.

This is a mixed media painting with a bit of 2D (I've not done that before). I painted it a while ago but came across it whilst looking for other completed paintings to photograph.

So it's on Bread and Circuses and here it is:


  1. This is lovely Evie. It reminds me of one or two beaches in Wales where I have spent many hours sifting sand through my fingers and just staring out to sea. It has got that dreamy quality to it which encourarges reminiscence!!!
    So beautiful!!!

    Sue xx

  2. Thank you for that, Sue - you have such a lovely way with words!!

    Evie xx

  3. You have such a lovely way with paint!
    Sue xx