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Sunday, 5 September 2010

Visit to the Royal Yacht Britannia

Isn't it funny how things to do or see in our own towns are always put on the back burner. Well I finally went to see the Queen's yacht which is now in retirement and moored permanently at Edinburgh Leith docks.

It was fabulous to see the dining room with a really huge table laid out with silver and crystal and beautiful china. Everything was sumptuous but the thing that struck me was the size of the beds. The Queen and Prince Philip had separate bedrooms and tiny narrow beds, and there was plenty of space for bigger beds - hmmm.

There was the honeymoon suite for Prince Charles and Princess Diana, the bed was a three-quarter size, maybe it was cosier??

The laundry was like a factory and one of the ironing machines was for shirt 'sleeves' only - see picture below.

I took so many photos, I think I'll be running out of space on my computer soon.

I'll post more soon.

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