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Tuesday, 21 September 2010


My laptop is nearly 4 years old and is starting to show its age. I deleted as much as I could and transferred my photos to an external disk so as to free up space but PaintShop Photo won't work unless I close everything else.

I was thinking of buying a new one and a friend told me that she's changed to a MAC and is absolutely in love with it. It's more simple and that's a definite lure for me non-techie minded person!

So I'm going to have a look this week and will let you know what happens.


  1. If you're used to a PC, Mac will seem really alien. Simple tasks are completely different on Mac. I have a PC desktop and Mac laptop and the Mac is far simpler for surfing the web and other media consuming activities, but it's not simpler for everything else. They are also a lot more expensive. If I were you, I'd go play with a Mac in one of Apple's stores to get a feel for them first. Found you through Folksy btw.

  2. Thanks for that - I think you're right and will go to the Apple shop in glasgow. Viva folksy!!