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Thursday, 6 September 2007


I've been dyeing muslin today with coffee and acrylics. It's dripping as I write. I have a love of duck-egg blue and it creeps into whatever I'm making - just can't help it LOL. I saw an article in the latest CPS that I want to try and this is the first stage. I am impatient though, want to do more - oh well - tomorrow!!

I'm off to 'Footering Friday' tomorrow (that's Scottish for messing around) and will take my fridge magnets to finish off, and the dyed muslin. More later.........


  1. cant wait to see!!! which dyes do you use?

  2. Judy, I did an instant coffee bath, and mixed cyan blue with white acrylic well watered down and dunked the cheesecloth in. Love the effect of the creases which have more colour. XX