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Tuesday, 11 September 2007

Changing Direction

I've finished another 4 pieces of wall art and now have to put away the fabric and all the clutter that goes with sewing. I still get tempted to just do a little more and then I'm absorbed again and the paint stays in the tubes hah!!

But a different kind of clutter emerging LOL, I have a deadline six weeks on for handing in my paintings for the Cancer Research UK exhibition and I'm still not sure which ones. I am reworking some and the others have started off from scratch.

Anyway, here are the latest pieces which will be backed with colour washed wood but I thought they'd be easier to scan without the backing:One Two Three Four


  1. You're on a real roll Evie! I can't keep up ;o)

  2. these are really beautiful and I love your dolls too! Fun stuff...Melinda