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Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Art doll

It seems that I am well and truly in a 'doll phase'!! And after me saying that I hadn't enjoyed making one for a swap (maybe it's because I didn't like the pattern we had to use), I decided to try something else. And OK, after painting and stamping some muslin and titivating her up a bitFinaldoll  - here's AGGIE:


  1. I think Aggie is great. I love her yellow head and huge heart, she definately has a lot of character

  2. hello i love the art doll and mabey one dayI can say I;ll make a art doll ...i belobf ro a doll group called making dollz i belive the name they (we) have a lot of fun in there but i dont joing in the swaps not in less it paper lol .I love paper,