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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Little piece

I found this little painting whilst looking for something else - I don't remember when I painted it, anyway I decided to put it on ETSY. It's mixed media using watercolours and gouache, and I cut a new mount for it.Cottages


  1. This is lovely - reminds me a bit of Joan Eardly. It would be quite spectaluar scaled up.
    Kari x

  2. Kari, I haven't heard of Joan Eardly, looked her up on Google but couldn't find any of her paintings. Where should I look??
    Hugs, Evie x

  3. Hi Evie,
    Oops! I spelt it wrong - it is Joan Eardley.
    There is a great book which you may find in your local library and certainly in local bookshops:
    I recommend looking at the works in the flesh if you can. I think there must be one or two at the Museum of Modern Art in Edinburgh.
    Kari x