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Sunday, 6 May 2007

In the Swing!

I am in a productive frenzy here, got my studio all set up (in the dinng room) and have almost finished a painting I started last year - it just came together without too many changes of mind!

I also ripped off what I'd done on a wax canvas ages ago, that's the beauty of wax, it comes off easily. So I made a wax resist collage out of it and have put it on etsy, and here it is:Happydaystypepad


  1. Great to hear that the art is going well. This is a super piece and how clever that it came from something that initially you weren't happy with.
    Kari x

  2. Kari, I've painted flowers as it seems that's what the public knows and understands. It's funny that I like this new painting so much that I might just keep it!! Who said that women were fickle... LOL.
    Evie xxx