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Thursday, 17 May 2007

How to ...

... get more visits to my blog, and how to get the ones who do visit to leave a comment?? Well, I found a useful book "BLOG ON" and have to really study chapter 10 -- Publicizing Your Weblog Site -- how to be seen, the art of conversation, get listed and searched, link and ping etc. etc. I promise to report on the application of their recommendations and if it works ..... I must confess that I browse others' blogs as time permits but often don't leave a comment - I'll try to do that!!


  1. This sounds most interesting. I have noticed a few bloggers offering a prize for one lucky person if they leave a comment. Also some other bloggers offer freebies, usually downloadable images.
    Usually it is friends who comment most in my blogs, it is very rare for someone who doesn't know me to do so, although I know from my stats that quite a few visit.
    Are you using the metatags to help your blog be found by searching?
    Please keep us posted on what you discover, it will be most interesting.
    Kari x

  2. I tried doing a give-away and only got three comments!! I know some people do them and get 30 or 40 comments so I guess it can work! I'll check back to see how things work out for you.

  3. Well, that's a start LOL!! Two comments from lurkers -- thank you! I've also added you both to my favourite links!

  4. Kari, It's strange that you should ask me if I used metatags because that was one of the things I did today - en route for other additions.