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Friday, 13 October 2006


It's been a very worrying time this week concerning my mother's health - thank God she's feeling a lot better now and went home today. I closed my Etsy shop as it wasn't working for me, and I'm going off Ebay as well. So have decided to list my artwork here on my blog and see how that goes. I still have to do the nitty-gritty so keep tuned!!!


  1. So sorry to hear about the health scare with your mum - I really hope she's on the mend now :-) Good luck with selling your stuff locally - I think it's a great idea to do that! And can't wait to see your exhibition either!
    Hugs, Lolly xxx

  2. oh glad to hear mom is a bit better!! That was way too scary the poor dear!!and hope the sales will go well on your blog! keep trying new things one will work!!!! Hugs Linda

  3. Sorry to hear about your mum, glad she is better now - never free of worries are we?
    I am not sure about selling on E or E either - seems to be too many doing that already and prices a tad low. Plus an awful lot of copying going on.
    BEst of luck with your newest venture!
    Kari x