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Tuesday, 24 October 2006

Creative Journey

I'm a member of a Creative Journey group on Yahoo - I've just completed the second challenge which is to draw in pencil. The first was to create a mind map and my theme is 'Art Nouveau'. I've done the same drawing with my right hand (dominant) and with my left hand. Which do you prefer??Ladylh If anyone is interested in joining in, it's great fun and gently leads you to unknown pastures  -- here's the link:



  1. wow love these!! wish I could actually make a stick figure even those are awful and these are both great not sure even which I would say I like better!!! way to go girl!!!! hugs Linda

  2. Thanks, Linda - and it's not true about the stick person -all you need is to SEE what you're looking at!! I remember a long time ago being told to do exercises to loosen up my hand - draw wavy lines, and uneven circles one within the other -- it works LOL.... Go on, have a bash!! Hugs Evie xx

  3. I like them both but I think the left hand one catches my attention more.