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Monday, 10 July 2006

Cream and Lace (+ Italy)

I have to start by saying how very proud I am to be Italian after Italy's glorious winning of the World Cup yesterday. Such enthusiasm in whatever they do - e viva l'Italia!!!!!!!

I've been wanting to do something in whites and creams and started a fabric book but it's far from being finished. So I made a wallhanging out of old linens and a lovely Victorian metal finding, and a delicate piece of necklace with green beads and metal stars.For more information see here on Etsy. Lace1


  1. NOW THIS ROCKS !!!!!!!! awesome piece someone will snatch this up!!! it's so beautiful you are just such a fab artist!!!!! I Love it dear!!! keep em coming!!!! oh and a fabric book keep saying I will make one!! soon I hope!

  2. Love whites & creams! Beautiful piece.

  3. This is beautiful - I love it!
    Kari x