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Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Want Boxes?

I'm in the middle of re-organizing my art room. Yesterday I went to a shoe shop where I'd bought winter boots and asked if they had any boxes that they were throwing away. Nice - got three!

But on the bus coming home I missed the seat and fell into the aisle and couldn't get up. So embarrassing! The lady on that seat said 'at least you look like you've had a good day's shopping' and when she heard that they were all empty boxes, started to laugh.

So remember the next time you need storage, go to a shoe shop!!


  1. That's a great tip, A good thing to remember..

  2. you mean nobody offered to help you?!
    I bought a puzzle at a church rummage sale and so did the guy next to me in line... I was so excited - I asked him what he was going to do with his. He said, "um.... put it together?" I laughed so hard, since I use them in art or as substrate if they're big enough. I guess we're an odd bunch:)