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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Pictures of Experimental Textiles

Well, these pictures are not great but they give the idea of the results. We distressed the fabrics using various methods and combined them - so here are a selection of silk, hessian, cheesecloth, linen, cotton and vintage lace with some embroidery, and the small picture shows beeswax which smells divine!!

SSL21542 SSL21541SSL21540


  1. Oh, Cara, these look *utterly* delicious - love the combination of hessian and lace, gives it a very otherworldly feel! And beeswax, mmmmmmm, yes, very lovely, sort of makes you think you of big country houses with beehives, and wandering about in one of those funny white suits with a netted hat and collecting honey and wax - then tea on the lawn afterwards...
    BTW, I have purchased - amongst other ingredients - peach schnapps for making your new favourite drinkie (wink, wink) and I might make you one *after* we have worked hard on our next play date!! He-he!
    LollyHugs xxx

  2. Hi! Just found you via art-e-zine and love your stuff! I do believe I'm your first follower now :o)