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Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Time to ...

... decide what's important for me right now. I know I haven't given it much time but I'm going to close my shop at Folksy - it's just a waste of valuable time elsewhere. I've got the painting bug big time and must throw myself into it now. I did spend ages yesterday looking at ways to better my Etsy shop, one of which was lowering my price for shipping large paintings to the US and have made it the same as to the UK - so that's about a saving of 50%. If you want to see look here.

The other thing I've been doing (and this is not saving time or money LOL) is bidding on ebay for vintage dolls. I just missed a favourite by 30 seconds and was outbid - but that's another important lesson so will make my maximum much higher when I really really want something.

 And finally, Suzi Blu has a mixed media Ning group and part of that is her Book Club:

** I dig the book club we've started and I want to invite you to participate. Its free and its cool. We read a chapter a day (or 7 in a week you can break that up any way you want) and make art about what we are reading, put up photos of our idea of the characters, really make the book come to life. 


I love Jeanette Winterson and Angela Carter and the author of Orphan Tales, Catherynne M. Valente writes in a similar fantastical way so I think this'll be fascinating.

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