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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

I think I'm a dunce

I have waited ages to approach a gift shop in town in one of the most expensive areas. So I went today having made an appointment first. She didn't really get enthusiastic about anything apart from the comment that she'd make greetings cards from my fabric wallhangings.

Did I really think that she'd be waiting there with open arms for MY stuff when the biggest recession ever has hit the UK and little shops are closing down everywhere. Will I ever learn? I came home in a rather depressed state of mind and all the usual doubts came creeping back. But as Tara said in Gone with the Wind - tomorrow is a new day. So without a doubt, it'll be chocolate tonight and a positive state of mind tomorrow - but I need that chocolate first hehe!!


  1. Don't despair Evie, you hit the nail on the head in remembering we are in a hell of a recession..!! The little shops are all struggling down here too. Don't doubt your ability...onwards and upwards remember..!!!

  2. Thanks for the virtual hug, Kim - feeling better now!