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Saturday, 2 August 2008

I must say that if I'd known that we'd be working with such minute pieces of wire, I mean you could probably fit 2 of them on a pin head!, I probably wouldn't have signed up. I don't have the eyesight and nimble fingers I once had, but I did learn a lot. The first couple of days were frustrating for me and I really wasted them trying to do the impossible. But all of a sudden I was off like a greyhound and enjoying it so much.

Here are the pieces I finished Pendant1 in time for the College exhibition yesterday. This is a found object, probably an inkwell top - I made the chain.

The second piece is something I picked up knowing that I'd use it when inspiration allowed - I wrapped it with pearls.Pendant2

Assemblage in metals I've been wanting to make for ages - so here was the ideal opportunity. It's a mixture of tin, brass, and embellishments.Pendant3

And the last piece hasn't come out very well in the picture. It's sheet copper which was punched with a brass frame - this required pickling and darkening to show the design, and various steps to finalize - patience is a virtue!!Copperpendant

All of these are wearable - can't wait LOL.


  1. I love these pieces and have wanted to work with metal and wire for the longest time. I even bought a soldering gun - still in the package. Thanks for the inspiration. Can't recall how I found you, but I'm a member of art-e-zine and we have a lot of the same blog-friends:)
    take care!

  2. I truly enjoyed looking at all of your beautiful work, you certainly are a busy lady! I am thrilled that you joined Creative Souls as that group was created due to the attention that the private group Outsider Artists had received. That group remains at capacity at the moment. I will certainly be visiting you often! Thank you for the kind comments regarding my work.
    Amy Flowe

  3. These are beautiful, it looks like a great workshop, lots of techniques

  4. These are all gorgeous. Your craftsmanship is excellent - it doesn't look like you had struggled at all. I would love to wear any of these pieces. Well done!

  5. lovely Evie, sounds like you had a brilliant time.

  6. Thanks for your encouragement, girls, I do appreciate your comments so much.
    evie x

  7. Great pieces, Evie!! Bet that was a FUN class!

  8. These are beautiful as all your work is.

  9. I love all these pieces, Evie, fabulous work! I adore working with metal, I think it must be addictive! LOL I'm making jewellery for a local exhibition so should be shut away in my studio but have escaped for a wee while and seeing your pieces has been lovely. ;o) Wear them with pride!
    Maz x

  10. Wow, Evie, these are fantastic first metal works!! Hope you liked it enough to do some more. You're really good at it. Why am I not surprised?